Collect Up!

I love to collect some figures up, and to display them in to my cupboard. I have two different kinds of collections.

One of my collections is the handicrafts. I love to collect the nutcracker dolls made in Germany. My sister bought my first small nutcracker doll when she was traveling in German. I start to collect nutcracker dolls at that time. For me the doll is not a toy, it is a handicraft. Every single figure is so different and unique. I decided to collect the good quality nutcracker doll every time either my family or I visit to Germany.

Nutcracker dolls from Germany

Another collection is the toys from blind-boxes or gashapon machine. Toys are putted in plastic balls and are putted in gashpon machines, then people could put coins and turn the machine to get the toys randomly. I love this kind of randomly way to get the toys. In some series, I will just play the machine one or two times to get the toys randomly. For those characters which I really love, I will try to pay more money to get whole series at one time.

Once I got a new collection, I put the toys into my cupboard. I feel calm and relieve stress from just look at them.

a part of my collection
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