Cute Little Thing

I like dolls very much. They are so cute that I love them from the bottom of my heart.

I was not the fan of Stitch before until earlier this year. Why do I become the fan of Stitch? Let me tell you the answer.

I participated in the most unforgettable event earlier this year. This event is called ‘’ 我在旅行'' , which is ‘’ I am traveling’’ in English. We didn’t know one another before until sign up for this activity. We will take a draw to decide which part of Taiwan that you would start to take the journey. Our transportation is mainly train or we could take a free ride. It all depended on your team. It was good to know each other during the journey.

At the end of this, we exchanged our precious treasure with each other. My teammate and I just exchanged the stuff to each other. It was totally a coincidence that I couldn’t believe in a second. I got a cute little thing which is Stitch is really cute. My teammate said that he liked Stitch the most because Stitch used to be a cruel alien creature after he bumped into Lilo. He said this journey is just like Lilo that he wanted to learn how to listen to others even himself. In fact, Stitch is himself. After hearing his story, I can not help thinking how lonely he will be if a person can not make friends with others or open his heart to be faced with the whole world. As for me, this gift was meaningful. Little by little, I became the fan of Stitch and it was my bedsides toy. They are in my dorm right now. I like Stitch very much. How cute it is!

I took it to a beautiful place and I took a picture with it.

I took selfie with family~~

I took a fashionable pose with Stitch.

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