Heavy smoker like me

I’m David yang,I born in Taipei ,my family have four member,me and my parents and my sisiter.

I graduate from I-lan University,and major in both Economic and Management. I learned a lot knowledges in my school,and hope to transfer them into English in order to become a global salesman.

My interest is to play game,like pc and ps4 and phone game,and I’m addict in smoke like cigarette and tobacco,favorite with Daviddoff the most,because when I was small,I usually saw my father smoke this brand,so I think this is a salesman’s habit,thought now I know it’s a bad habit, I still smoke,beacuse maybe it’s a kind of my start point on bussiness.

In free time.I usually find a topfloor to smoke for about 2 to 3 hour. Some time I will take phone to read net novel in order to pass this time. When I smoke,it let me feel like can touch thinking in my hand,and I will feel more telepresence about the script in novel,so I also like to read novel. In fact,because I nearly can’t find novel to read ,so I also wrote a YY novel about three thousand words. It kill so many time,but the reader’s feeling wasn’t good, they said my charater had waste too many time in smoke. This feedback is improtant because now all writer need to combine novel with business knowledge. In fact,many editors say that Net bovel is very customer orientation, all writer have to learn marketing. But sadly,I find out that althought I know the question in my novel,but there is no way for me to change it bacause without smoke ,I don’t know how to write,both in fantasy and realty.

Now I still writing in my free time,but I never try to publish it on web,I just enjoy smoke, and let my character enjoy smoke in novel too,C’est la vie.

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