Effective Suicide

“To smoke or not” is not a question but a fact in my life. I started to smoke when I was 20 years old. Unlike other people, I did not start from cigarettes or tobacco, but Nicorette. It is used to help people quit smoking, but I am addicted to it. The reason is that I had read a paper about Cognitive Science, which had some articles about the material can help people become more smarter, like Fish oil, Phosphatisyl, Coffine, and Nicotine. I had tried all of them and also Nicorette, and I found it’s really efficient. Before, I can just read one book for a day,but with Nicorette,I can read three book and think the difference between them. So I just addict in it,and smoke more about cigarette,tobacco,and something like this.

Beside addict,I think smoke is also a kind of symbol in civilization. We all know about that tobacco is a kind of economic plant origin from American, but only few people know about that America is also the origin of Protestant Ethic, and Capitalsm. I believe there are some relative between them because smoke can make people become more concentrate and torelant more pressure to complete their plan. Than people can save their money, build some business , and at least become a Bourgeoisie with Pritestant Ethic. For example, Puritan is the best evidence about this.

Further more, you can see many artists and creative workers smoke a lot because its can light up and inspire their idea about what they should present. It’s just like that Prometheus steal the knowledge fire from god to human, isn’t it?

So, my interesting is smoking, and I’m very proud of it. When I catch a cigarate in my finger, it’s just like catch the world on my hand. Even though it waste a lot of time and health,I will not give up this habit, because this is the final answer and solution for me.