Favorite Hobby In My Life

Everyone have their own favorite hobby, an hobby always can cure your heart and make you positive, then lead you to face the next challenge, it’s the same to me, I like robots and monsters very much, when I was a kid, they always can bring much happiness to me, and also took some money from my wallet, one model of Godzilla can take about 2800 NT dollars from me, and they are not easily bring with the luggage, even I get them to home, still need some furniture to place our monsters, so I have decrease my desire of monster and robot model now, instead of that, I’d like to have fun with my friends, my friends always try something new and different with me, not only game, but also do some try some sports together, even I’m really not good at swim, I still try the Scuba diving with my friends, with my friend I can fight against to waterfright, it’s a great improvement for me, not only depend on my brief, but also depend on the encourage of my friends, and I have bring more friend to try the Scuba diving recently, when I see my friends got the OW license, the felling really great, maybe you want to ask “what is my favorite hobby? It’s the Scuba diving?”, for me, anything I can have fun with my friends and improve ourselves, they all will become my favorite hobby.