Illegal Riding is Bad?

I have been riding motorbike for over 6 years and I can ride the motorbike very well.

When I was senior high student, I went to school by bike which was an illegal behavior. Few months later, I got the drive-license and almost ride every single day. Two years ago, I rode from Taipei to Kaohsiung for thirteen hours in one day!

At my very first time, I rode my motorbike with my father to Carrefour for shopping. He asked” Do you want to take a ride for a minutes?” the answer was “YES!” It was my first time to control something important. My father encourage me try everything, so he doesn’t forbidden me that cannot ride illegally, he just talked me to be careful. So, I can ride my motorbike very well now.

Two years ago, I resigned the job in Taiwan High Speed Rail and going to move back to Kaohsiung. At that time, I considered how I should deal with my motorbike. I wanted to save the transition fee and had a nice, mind-relieving trip, so I decided ride it by myself! I rode my motorbike and talked to Him all the way back home.

We faced so many circumstances, for example, we almost rode into the High-Speed way, an air-defense drill which needed to stop for a minutes and gave me and Him a good rest. We visited some sort all around west Taiwan. Finally, we want home at almost midnight and my parents forbidden me to ride for a month. However, I still ride it what I want.

I love riding my motorbike everywhere, I can ride it whole day even a months. One day, I want to travel around the world with my motorbike.

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