In Search of Favorite

I want to write some things about my happy experiences, then try to find my favorite because I have no idea right now.

When I was a child, one of my love was excavator. My mom always picked me and my sister up then went to beach in the afternoon, let’s play in the sand under the sunset shine. I always controlled my small excavator to dig, hold and move sand or soil, that’s a very useful tool for work. After that, sometimes I was curious about excavator’s structure. My dad always explained it to me, that fulfilled my little mind and ideas.

Then I went to school, I got friends. One part of my friends and me usually did some stupid things during our school life but sometimes we also studied together, another part of my friends were swimming and surfing with me, and we had gotten Lifeguard Certification of Red Cross, the others part of my friends and me were soldier, we all were in charge of Mandatory Military Service, that also was a funny and crazy time! Now I ‘m very missing my friends! We haven’t seen each other for a long time.

After that, I had gotten some job. I worked with my boss and colleagues, we tried to know each other and let jobs went on and done smoothly and efficiently. We learned from each other, and I had learned some useful experiences! I love learning!

Now I have joined a big group named 106A, I am looking forward to new interactions and learning with my classmates and professors!

Finally, I realize my favourite thing is keep experiencing life! I will set my heart on this, not just easier said than done.

I had worked for Taitung International Balloon Festival for 3 month during my military life.
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