Into the Wild

Into the wild is my favorite book and movie of all time. It is a 1996 non-fiction book written by Jon Krakauer. It is based on Krakauer’s investigative journalism about how Christopher McCandless lost his way in the wilds.

In 2007, it was adapted to film, directed by Sean Penn, and Emile Hirsch starring as McCandless. The story is about the travels of McCandless across America, Mexico and the Alaskan wilderness.

Before he started the trip, he had just graduated from university. He donated the money that his parents thought he intended to use for law school. Then, without notifying any friends or family members. He abandoned his name “Christopher McCandless”. He invented a new life for himself. From then on, he call himself ”Alexander Supertramp”.

During his travels, he tried to conquer difficulties by using his own knowledge, physical strength and mental power instead of using any equipment which money can buy. Besides, he met many people and spent time with them. I think the most touching part is the relationship between him and the old man.

After seeing this movie, I was extremely fascinated to the story. Then, I started to read the book. The book is not only McCandless’s story but also included Krakauer’s experience about he climbed Devils Thumb. Krakauer shared his experience and tried to explain why he suspected that McCandless’s death was an accident.

Furthermore, there are a lot of quotes from Jack London, Henry Thoreau, Leo Tolstoy and so on. Which are the marked parts from McCandless’s books. In this case, we can try to realize the thoughts and feelings of McCandless. Instead of just reading the description or guesses written by Krakauer.

The reason why it is my favorite book and movie is because by reading and watching this story, I expanded my horizons and explored more about myself. I have a similar agitation of the soul as McCandless. Maybe one day I will visit the bus where he died and try to understand the attraction of the wilderness.