Me, Myself and I


I am Yi-Hsin from Chiayi City, which is a city has a Tropic of Center, is in the middle south in Taiwan.

Why I chose Yi-Hsin as my English name? Many people asked me about that question. I am willing to answer that question. I used to be an international volunteer. One day, one of my foreign friends told me that English name is not my true name. In addition, she even told me that they should learn our culture instead of forcing us to name an English name to suit native speaker. Yi-Hsin, a name which my parents told me, is supposed to be cherished ever after. I finally got what she meant from her own words. It was really persuasive just like my Japanese and Korean friends, they don’t use English name. They use their own name. After listening to what she told, I officially turned my Chinese name into romanization. I am Yi-Hsin(怡欣). Chinese character means ‘’happy all the time,’’ so that many people told me that I always wear smile all the way.

I went to Australia last summer. It was really impressive for my life. My home mother and my home brother are very cute. They really treat me like a kid

from their family. We held parties every Friday night and went to the night club as well. My friends and I made Taiwanese cuisine to express appreciation for them. I got the culture shock when I arrived in Australia immediately. How to say that? The air, surroundings, people, landscape, all of the view around me differs from Taiwan. At the beginning, I was a little nervous and afraid that I could not get used to it and could not get well along with everyone in Australia. However, it was just the imagination not the truth. They treat me very well from the bottom of my heart. No worries!! All is well.

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