Music and me

Since I was four and half years old,I started to learn play piano,until now I still have the habbit of playing piano regularly and keep the relationship with music.

Every time when I feel upset or stressful,I always go to play piano.Leaving alone with music can relieve my stress effectively.The kind of music I play is classical music,the pianist who I love the most is the Poland musician — Chopin.

Chopin is a musician out of the ordinary with other musician,different from most of classical musician who wrote for piano,sympony or chamber…and many kinds of music,almost all of Chopin’s music were only wrote for piano,so he was also called ’’the piano poet’’by people.My favorite music are his ’Nocturne’’ which is a kind of piano music wrote for describe the night,Chopin is famous for his Nocturne as well.

Although I can’t play violin,I still love to listen violin songs.My favorite violinist is David Garrett,who is a young violinist come from Germany.David is a popular cross-border violinist,he uses a new way to playing classical music,like combines classical with rock music or modern music,he usually plays violin with a rock band and orchestra at the same time.Although he plays violin in a new way,his classical basic is still really strong,cause he was graduated from one of the best music school in the world,which is called’’Juilliard’’where established his stong classical and violin skill.

Music is a good way to vent emotion in regular life,no matter happy or not,it give me export to freed my stress,after listening to music or playing piano,I can face everything in a new and opening mind,and getting over all the difficult in the life.