My ITI secret place

I spend most of my time on it. ITI dormitory is my favorite place where I can take a rest and chat with my roommate. I post the latest curriculum every week on my wall. The course at ITI is totally intensive so I have to remind myself everything otherwise I will forget what to do next. The human shape post is designed by myself. The Chinese words are “時間管理” on the yellow post which means time management. This reminds me the importance of time management. At ITI, the ability of time management is absolutely important to everyone. Once you are unable to manage your time well, you are not able to do many things easily at ITI. Life is so hard. We have to be positive everyday. I am typing these words right now. I truly understand that my ITI secret place is my support. No matter how tough it is, I still can go back to my dorm to take a rest and start a new day.