One thing about Myself

I was study at international collage in Taiwan, and the classmates were from different countries. I got lots Korean friends since that time, and they influenced me to become more interested in Korean culture and their language.

After I graduated from University, I went to Korea for a year to study Korean. During that year, I tried my best to study hard and experience the culture hard. If you talk about the Korean culture, you probably will think about drinking culture and K pop.

I am not good at drinking, but I did try several times to drink with Korean people. I got culture shock on their drinking culture. They like to start to drink when they are having dinner, and they will choose different kinds of alcohol to match the food what they have, such as meat with soju, and Korean pancake with rice wine (makgeolli). They also will only spend few hours then they will move to other restaurant to drink and have other side dishes, and move again and again until they finished. Once they start to drink they can change 4 to 5 places which is really different from my thought.

I also like to use what I learned to travel around Korea by myself. I just came back from Jeju island 2 weeks ago. I did enjoy the different kind of beach around the island, and different kinds of path. During the trip, one of my friend lost his cellphone, and I had tried to ask the local people for help. Luckily, we got the phone back at the end. It was difficult for me to talk on phone in Korean, and using Korean to explain everything for asking help. However, I am still proud of myself.

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