Orange is my pet and also my family members. At the beginning, my parents do not allow me to have pets. Because they are afraid of losing them someday… But when Orange comes, they suddenly melting with her smiling.

I made an Instagram account for her and exchange so many information to other dogs owner. Meanwhile, Instagram it’s a very pictorial side. Everyone can browse through the picture easily and quickly. Furthermore, people will know more daily life about Orange.

Orange is a typical Capricorn and she born in the year of Rabbit with Chinese Zodiac. On the one hand, she is a naughty girl, but on the other hand I enjoy to stay with her all the time. Whenever, I’m happy or upset she still there. Orange is the Miniature Schnauzer except for her head and hand are white there are all covered with Pepper color. The Miniature Schnauzer is intelligent and learns everything quickly. They usually are small dog with pure, lively personality, and full of curiosity about the unknown.

However, Orange is very stubborn in somethings. For example, when we go for walking she just refuses to do anything then sitting in the sidewalk. It drives me mad sometimes.

In addition, she has a lot of special habits like eat earthworms or rolling them in her body. I think it’s so disgusting but she enjoys it very much.

Orange in my bed!

In special festivals, we usually takes her to the restaurant to celebrate. Once in her birthday we took her to an American restaurant named “Enjoy” because they had a French Bulldog his name was Enjoy! But they didn’t get along well and always barking each other. I guessed it because they both think they were prince and princess in their world. Actaully, they didn’t think they are dog anymore…It’s very funny.