Something About Me

My name is Paul,I’m 24 years old.I come from Tainan where has many mouthwatering food and historic monuments.

I gratuated from National Sun Yat-Sen University.The campus is located in sizihwan bay and next to Shou Shan mountain. So it owns an abundant of magnificent natural landscapes.

I majored in the Department of Sociology. And one thing special is that we were the first enrollments of the Sociology Department,so we didn’t have any senior colleagues.From a negative point of view,we couldn’t enjoy the benefits of the hard work of our predecessors. Following the rules that were set up already is always easier. However,from another perspective,we wouldn’t be resticted to the rules that we didn’t like. We could start from scratch and draw up the new rules.

I watch American TV series and movies on the internet during my free time.The themes of TV series that I love to watch is comprehensive. I’ve been watched “The Walking Dead,Game of Thrones,This Is Us,Prison Break,Agent of Shield” and many other different kinds.I also like to do some exercises as well.I go swimming,play badminton and workout in the gym.

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