The King of Monsters

The king of monsters roars loudly and sadly, for the death of Gozillla Junior. The black coarse’s skin is extremely hot, and the white sharp fins which melt quickly are on its back just like the ice cream under the burning sun. The crimson core of its body which is dangerous like the nuclear meltdown can make a horrible disaster as hundred of nuclear bomb explode suddenly at the same time. This can bring the human beings’ civilization from Information Age to the ancient Stone Age. The eyes are burning like the crimson sun, and show the determination and confidence. It believes it can use everything of its body to destroy the enemy completely. Its strong tail can smash the enemies’ head suddenly, then use sharp claws slit the enemies body ruthlessly. At last it burns the enemies cruelly by its extremely hot beam. Fortunately, it’s just a plastic toy with high price, but it still can bring me back to 1995 and feel the rage again. It’s Gazilla, The King Of Monsters.

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