Why I am here

Once again,I feel it’s still insufficient of my ability.
“Why don’t you just be a engineer? Sounds your ability is good at it.”
“Our company salary is good enough you know. We are better than other normal Taiwanese company.”

My name is Jeffery,and I’m a mechanical engineer of Motorcycle manufacturers.

My job is find how to make our product be a safety and revise any kind of issues,that maybe will injury our customer.
For our product,have 4 important point that we need to pay attention on it,QCD.

Q is Quality,the most important point I think,because if we don’t have the quality,we may losing our customer.
C is Cost,the most important point to our company,because if we have spend too much money on our model,will make our revenue looks not good.
D is Delivery,we need to make some new model to produce,if we don’t,maybe we will lose to the other competitor.

However,according to the situation of average salary in Taiwan,it’s hard to encourage people to change their vehicle.
Even we can develop some Low-cost model to attract people to change,but our company can’t earn a lot of money on this kind of project.
According to this situation,our senior executives decide build more new models in short time,and decrease our time of development schedule,to fake the total sales volume.

“Don’t care about that question we don’t have time to correct that.”
“Even have some doubt in this evaluation,but we have a lot of work need to do,just get the recognition asap.”
“Just correct that issue later,we need to send the drafts more faster.”
Our company have decrease our develop schedule from 24 months to 18 months.
They just don’t care about the Quality,and because they need to send the drafts more faster,always generate million dollar of repair the mold expense.
Even the total sales volume still not bad at all,but can this company get through the 30th Anniversary?

“I can’t see the future in this company.”
“The senior Executive only want to make more and more new products,but don’t care about the Cost and Quality.”
“Hey Jeffery,I need to talk to you,I will resign next week,it’s good to work with you.”

My colleagues,which always working with me,from 6:50 AM until 11:50 PM,they all have gone,because they can’t see the future in this company.
I feel it’s still insufficient of my ability,because I can’t find the way to decrease the develop schedule very much,but can still make the Cost and Quality well.
So I need to learn more,the most important thing is not about the salary every months,it’s about my future life,it’s hard to find a job when I am a 40 years old man.
“Hope I can find the way,I can suffer for my future,but I don’t want to suffer for a company with no future.”
It’s my about my past,and I am still find the way can make me feel at ease of my future
I am not good at English,but if you can find something interesting in my article,it’s will be my pleasure.

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