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Trust in charities is falling every year

Populus consultancy and the Charity Commission for England and Wales have prepared the big report “Trust in Charities, 2018”. More than 2000 donors took part in the survey. The W12 team reviewed this research in details and highlighted the main things.

Public trust and confidence in charities continue to decrease. The causes are appearing constantly: Age UK, Kids Company, and the Oxfam scandal.
You’ll be surprised. Those aged 18–24 are much more likely to trust charities than those aged 55 or over.
There has been a long-term growth in the % of donors who self-report that their trust has decreased. In 2018, such respondents were near 45%
The factors which make charities trusted. According to the survey of donors.

W12 platform is crushing the barrier of donors’ distrust. Our team develops for each launched crowdfunding campaign a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that will transparently, algorithmically, honestly manage fundraising and fund spending. DAO consists of three main components:

● Smart contract concluded by the parties. It accepts donations from donors (credit cards, electronic money, cryptocurrency, SMS, etc.) and transfers tokens instead. Its functions also include depositing collected funds, ensuring control over the implementation of the stages of the roadmap, transferring installments for performing another milestone, returning the unspent funds if the project failed or was fraudulent.

● Three mechanisms for deciding whether or not roadmap milestone has been reached: 1) every investor determines it by themselves. 2) 12 oracles pass the verdict. 3) a majority vote sets the verdict.

● Public distributed ledger where all participants can track the movement of funds in real time. Receipts, checks, contracts and other documents are also loaded here.

Placement on our site is a guarantee of the honest of the fundraiser.

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