#DesignSpam Week 205

Product porn, Design School 101 and the story of a Soviet geometric sans serif feature in this week’s ‘DesignSpam’ roundup.

Readymag Design School

Readymag continued their design school series last week with a 101 on grid systems. Created by Anton Herasymenko (Founder & Designer of R/m) with the aim of covering the fundamental concepts of typography, colour, grids and layout in a handy quarterly series of articles — all built within the site’s platform of course ;)

See & learn more here

SteamVR featuring the HTC Vive

With Valve and HTC’s Vive released this week, the forces of marketing and publicity are being brought to bear on selling people the promise of VR. In this video, Valve created a virtual studio, seamlessly blending the virtual world with a studio set. Watch actors over enthusiastically enjoy all the games you’ll be playing on your own in a dark room for the coming year.

See more from Valve here

The Story of GT Eesti

Gotta love a soviet inspired typeface, especially one with so much ‘character’ (pardon the pun). It’s a lovely, playful typeface with very different subfamilies for text and display and what’s not to love about going old school and designing such prominent ink traps in the letterforms. Also, the site is super, it’s how all type specimens should live digitally!

Have a ganders here

Homembala for NOS

Motion Graphic Studio ‘Homembala’ recently created this policy trailer for NOS, which is to be used in Portuguese cinemas — it’s basically one of those adverts that come on before the movie starts, asking you to turn off your phone. On paper when I tell you they’ve taken elements of the NOS logo (the spokes) and created quirky characters, that tell a story out of them; you’d probably role your eyes and scroll on, but they’ve actually done a good job — it’s really well animated and the sound design is great too.

Product — A tumblr

This is one of those Tumblr’s you end up spending ages scrolling, getting lost in pretty pictures of products new and old. Here in the studio we ended up on the conversation of laser discs as a result (Yeah they are a thing, look it up).

Get lost here

About #DesignSpam

At W12 Studios we take our design inspiration very seriously. So much so we have our very own Slack channel dedicated to it: A place where we can share the things we spend our tea breaks looking at, some old and some new — Aptly named ‘#DesignSpam’.

Compiled by Mark Luke Grant with additional write-ups from Dave Paliwoda and Will HG

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