An Interview with…Hollie Lubbock

Associate Design Director @ W12 Studios

Every month we‘ll interview one member of the W12 team and get a glimpse of what makes them tick! First up is Hollie Lubbock our new Associate Design Director…

Hey Hollie! Thanks for being the guinea pig and the first to be interviewed. 👊🏻

So what’s a normal day like for you?

Every day has been different so far! I guess, probably first thing is eating breakfast then proposal writing, new biz meetings and catch ups with the leadership team.

Quite a few of us here at W12 are into reading, Can you tell me what you’re reading at the moment? Anything worthy?

I’m currently reading Six Four by Hideo Yokoyama, , it’s a Japanese crime novel it’s super in-depth and good to escape into. It also has this pink edging on the spine, I really like that.

I’m also reading a lot of books using an app called Blinkist which summarises books down to 10 pages. It’s really fast! The best one I’ve read so far has to be The life changing magic of not giving a fuck by Sarah Knight. It was amazing, I mean you can basically read a whole book in 5 minutes.

Can you tell me something you love and also something you hate? It can be design related but doesn’t have to be!

Ahhh, that’s a very difficult question. I really hate bad customer service, whether it’s at a restaurant or experienced digitally. Any type of service interaction, especially when you feel let down at the end of it, it really bothers me. I hate that.

The thing that I love… oh yeh travel! My Instagram is all travel pictures.Travel is probably the thing I do the most. I love everything about it, from planning the trips, to going on the holidays and of course meeting people. To me the planning of it is the most exciting part. I use the Google Trips app to plan everything out.

I obviously do a lot of instagramming when out there, to see what’s going on and finding out recommendations from people on Instagram who are also in the same location. Luckily from university, loads of people I met were international so they’ve traveled all over the world, and when I travel I go and meet up with them or people from old workplaces. Its super fun and I’m not doing it alone.

I am very much in love with your Instagram, definitely inspiring, I really want to go on holiday now…

Okay next question is going to be a tough one…When your friends or parents ask you what job you have, how do you answer?

Oh god, okay so I think now people have heard about UX a bit more than when I first started so that’s great, it’s not as difficult but with someone who hasn’t heard of it at all, the best way to I found to explain it was, that we were the architects of the systems and the designers were the interior designers. That like structural engineers we would be doing the underlining pieces rather that how it looks. That was the only way for me to explain it.

What’s your design philosophy? Something you swear by.

Probably something along the lines of Google’s don’t be evil or respecting human experience. There’s a lot of interesting points in the Ethical design manifesto which I think is super important to consider. We should really be aware of the things we are/could be doing to people when we are designing systems. We change people’s behaviour in certain ways, hopefully in ways which benefit them. To be honest, I just really want to understand the impact our work has on people.

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