The Core Values Bullseye Framework

Mitchell Bradley
Oct 17, 2019 · 2 min read

The Core Values Bullseye Framework is designed to help you (or your business) to understand the core values that drive you and help you to prioritise.

The Core Values Bullseye Framework begins with a broad list of potential values.

The list serves as a baseline to get you started with potential values; it is not a complete list (and can, therefore, be individually adjusted and expanded).

Begin by initially brainstorming 12 values that are most important to you and that you think drive your actions.

Once you have selected the 12, go ahead and reduce those 12 to 6 according to importance.

Once you have chosen those 6 values, sit back and think about why you chose those particular 6 values and what they mean to you.

Now you’re going to reduce the 6 to the core 3 values.

Take time to consider which value you think drives you the most, in order to rank those 3 in the core of the framework.

Now, these aren’t just THE 3 values you hold, but they are the ones that drive you and are hierarchically more powerful in their relevance in comparison to the other values. They act as tiebreakers between the 6 and in turn the outer 12 to all other non-top 12 values.

1 → 2 → 3 → 6 → 12 → All Others

Determining a value prioritization helps to set up a decision-making process when values are in conflict. In a certain situation, values are examined according to the position in your own individual value hierarchy.

Values are dynamic rather than set and will therefore change/evolve in priority as you progress through life and experience lots of different influencing aspects along the way.

Your top 1 value may move out of being a top 3 altogether and in some cases out of the 12 as you pass through different phases of your life.

This is what the framework is about. It aims to provide understanding and visualisation on your value prioritisation.

As such it is advisable to reassess the value constellation every year or so to notice what has moved in and what has moved out.

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