How To Launch Your Token In 2023: Web3 Founder’s Checklist

The 46 Steps To A Successful ICO

Max Yampolsky
Web3 Labs
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27 min readJan 4, 2022


With the advent of crypto economies and decentralized finance, fundraising for projects becomes more and more frictionless. Founders can attract the investments needed for their product development by conducting token sales.

You can use this guide as a high-level outline of the steps to be taken to conduct a successful token sale. Of course, there are many more details about each of the steps, but this overview should provide a good perspective on the token launch process.


This article will follow a checklist format with the steps grouped by multiple sections:

  • Fundamentals
  • General basics
  • Fundraising basics
  • Token basics
  • Marketing basics
  • Marketing ongoing

Note that you don’t necessarily have to follow the sequence perfectly — some steps can and even need to be taken simultaneously. The ordering here is to give you an idea of each step’s relative timing and priority in the list.


1. Define product idea/concept and do market analysis

Before getting to token launch specifics, there are some fundamentals you need to take care of first.

You’re doing an ICO and raising money for a reason — create a product. And as with any product, yours has to go through the basic steps of product/market conceptualization, planning, and design.

And don’t be neglectful of this step — this is the mistake many young blockchain entrepreneurs make. They enter the space for technology, money, or other reasons but forget the basics of market strategy. How many whitepapers do I read of things that have very little value proposition, poor market identification, and no viability in the actual world realities? Probably 1 in 40 will survive six months after launch.

You can create a token for every idea, but not every idea deserves creating a token.



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