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Web 3.0 And Its Impact On The Global Economy

Why the long-term effect of crypto may go beyond efficiency & privacy, and trigger a new era of innovation-driven growth


Bitcoin was not originally conceived as an asset class, a hedge against inflation, or a middle finger to the man, but a next-generation payment system that uses elliptic curves (code) as an alternative to men with guns (the government).


To take another famous Yogi Berra quotation: “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.”


New civilizations throughout recent and ancient history have typically resulted from a group of explorers or pioneers leaving an established community in which growth or development had stalled, owing to saturation or suppression by a comfortable ruling majority.


A larger number of decentralized states, able to operate independently while interacting freely with others, could be a major booster in terms of innovation (and hence global economic growth).

Closing words

In the work Thinking Fast and Slow, the psychologist Daniel Kahneman condensed an entire career’s worth of insights on the topic of systematic errors in human judgement.



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