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Introduction to W3University

elcome to W3University (W3U). W3University is an open-source Web3 certification program geared toward the early adopters of Web3 ecosystems that want to go out in their real-world communities as certified educators of Web3 and onboard the masses.

By providing an introductory, intermediate and advanced level certification for Web3 ecosystems, we empower this new generation of educators to go out in public to train and onboard newcomers to this thriving technological revolution that will undoubtedly impact our lives.

There are two intrinsic benefits of our open-source Web3 certification program.

Proof of Knowledge

By participating in our open source certification program for the Web3 ecosystem, you will be able to demonstrate a degree of know-how that can be classified into INTRODUCTORY, INTERMEDIATE, or ADVANCED levels.

Having an open-source, third-party system provide you with a fair and authentic certificate will enable you to stand out as an active, knowledgeable member of the ecosystem who can serve as a Web3 educator for your local communities.

Recognition and Income

Many individuals have acquired outstanding knowledge in the Web3 space. Yet, they are hesitant to pursue an educator role publicly due to a lack of credentials.

Using our open-source program-based credential, we empower them to teach the masses about Web3 in their respective communities.

Our certification will help them propagate their Web3 knowledge with greater confidence, and they will provide the appropriate onboarding assistance to the public in general.

We envision that numerous newly certified educators in the Web3 space will be able to provide professional-level instructional consultations to their communities and earn a reasonable income based on their level of certification and expertise.

We strongly believe that a lot of knowledgeable people in the Web3 space from all around the world can potentially earn an income through this certification. This motivates us to provide a world-class solution to the Web3 community.

How does the Process Work?

Each candidate will go through the following step-by-step process to earn their certification.

Step 1: Enrollment (KYC)

Everyone is accepted without any subjective review. The enrollment process is a marker in our system to identify the journey the application started for its certification goal.

We would require the following KYC information:

  • Full Legal Name
  • Recent Photograph
  • Country of Residence
  • Age (must be at least 18)
  • Primary Email Address
  • Primary Language
  • Secondary Language (if any)

Please note that we plan to provide the review materials in multiple languages as we develop relationships with volunteer translators, but the tests are conducted in American English.

Step 2: Review Web3 Modules

We will provide open source information on Web3 using our website, GitHub repositories, medium posts, youtube videos, etc., and third-party resources.

Each applicant will have an interactive module list that they will maintain throughout the Web3 content review process.

After completing each module, they can take an automated online quiz to measure their knowledge of the studied subject matter. These randomized study quizzes can be taken multiple times without any penalties.

To see the list of modules, please see the Web3 Modules section below.

Step 3: Take Online Tests

Once applicants have completed the modules and earned 80% or higher overall scores in study quizzes, they will automatically qualify for the very first certification test

The certification test is derived from the review materials and would require the candidate to complete the test in a finite amount of time. The certification test can only be taken once per month.

A candidate who has achieved an 80% or higher score and has completed 330 module credits will be qualified for the introductory level certificate.

Instructional Computing Consultant for Web3 (Level I)

This is the entry-level certificate that acts as proof of basic understanding of Web3. It is sufficient to onboard new users to the ecosystem.

The next level of certification requires completion of the intermediate level curriculum and a series of practical experiences as proof of application of knowledge. Here are the requirements for applying for the next level of certification.

Instructional Computing Consultant for Web3 (Level II)

To apply for this level of certification, an applicant must have completed the following:

  • Have the Instructional Computing Consultant for Web3 Level I certification
  • Have had the ICC Web3 Level 1 for at least three months
  • Have at least a dozen user onboarding credits on the Web3
  • Have 40 hours or more as a volunteer or paid community project internship credits from one or more Web3 / NFT projects
  • Have provided one or more community presentation credits from their local communities

Once a candidate has completed the requirements mentioned above, they can apply for the Level II certification, which consists of the following testing procedure:

  • Automated quizzes with time constraints
  • One or more verbal recorded interviews by existing Level II consultants and/or other subject matter experts

Web3 Educational Modules

Our open-source Web3 educational program will be divided into several modules. Each module will cover either a conceptual or practical subject matter in Web3.

Each module will be assigned several credits and indicate the time investment needed to learn the subject.



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