Accountability System Workgroup discuss participation rate, tier names

The Accountability System Workgroup (ASW) met on June 1 to vote on some of the remaining accountability recommendations to State Superintendent Chris Reykdal.

During the half-day meeting at ESD 113 in Tumwater, the group discussed and voted on matters of assessment participation, and then broke into small workgroups to work on tier name recommendations.

Previously, the ASW recommended that the State Board of Education’s Achievement & Accountability Workgroup make the final decision on the 95% participation rate, but recommended that the decisions they make be non-punitive, instead providing supports to schools that didn’t meet 95%. They also recommended tiered accountability for lack of improvement.

After going over some of the options adopted by other states, the ASW voted to recommend that Washington’s ESSA plan require improvement plans and tiered accountability for any school not meeting the 95% participation rate.

The vote they took also recommended that schools with subgroups that didn’t reach 95% also create improvement plans, to include low-income students, students with disabilities, English-learners, and student populations of specific race/ethnicities. The recommendation vote didn’t reach the required 2/3 majority required for consensus, but did reach majority.

The group then broke into sub-groups to discuss tier names, and to create systems to recommend to Superintendent Reykdal. They put together six different recommendations, which included tier names, a description of how schools would be included in the tier, the level of support those schools will receive, and the authority structures that will work to support students at each level (OSPI, district, school, and/or classroom). Each of the groups’ recommendations will be forwarded onto Superintendent Reykdal for consideration.

Before adjourning, the group also received a briefing from the ASW Technical Assistance Committee (TAC). In the briefing, the TAC provided progress updates on data analyses for remaining ASW considerations. They will present their findings at the final ASW meeting, June 22 at the Puget Sound Educational Service District in Renton.

To learn more about the ASW, visit their page on the OSPI website.