The Accountability System Model in the Revised ESSA Consolidated Plan

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The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is a unique opportunity for the state of Washington to come together and create a new federal accountability system. The Accountability System Workgroup, operated in cooperation between OSPI and the State Board of Education, has members from around the Washington education spectrum and larger community. The group has come together to study the law and make changes to the accountability system that better identify struggling students and subgroups.

In doing so, the group created a new accountability index to measure Washington’s schools. The new model focuses on multiple measures, giving schools and the public insight to each of the accountability measures, with an emphasis on continuous improvement. The measures are:

  • English Language Arts & Math Proficiency
  • English Language Arts & Math Growth
  • Graduation Rate
  • English Learner Progress
  • School Quality or Student Success: 9th Graders on Track to Graduation, Regular Attendance, and Dual Credit (Combined)
Mockup of OSPI’s new accountability model

The school’s score on each of these measures will be compared with those of every other school in Washington, on a decile scale of 1–10. In the first year 2017–18, OSPI will freeze this scale, so that schools and parents can visualize tangible improvements as movement up the scale year over year. Each measure will use three years of data and will be weighted with other indicators to create an overall score. This allows for better transparency and helps differentiate between schools.

To learn more about the new accountability model, check out the section on the new model in the Revised ESSA Consolidated Plan, or check out the summary.

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