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African Town Hall #2

The Cardano Catalyst Africa Town Hall began this month March 4, 2022 to help highlight development of projects in Africa. The second session was held on 18th of March and featured new faces interested in working with the established community to push the continent forward through blockchain education and development.

Nana Safo, a veteran CA presented the dos and don’ts of the Catalyst Community Assessments which is currently ongoing as part of the Catalyst Fund 9 funding cycle . Things that could guarantee a good assessment to be passed by Veteran community advisors.

After that, Felix Weber of Catalyst Swarm gave a breakdown of how much can be made from assessing proposals, Lucas then asked a question. “Why wouldn’t I want to be a CA?” Afia, the Wada West Africa Lead highlighted the need to have all the Africa and Africa-focussed proposals and shared this google link to enable that and for participants to add to: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xmrX7cBAoZXnkGqyNFiaYvp5tctuF01pkUVrzGzZJZo/edit#gid=0

Dimitri Fernando, who is a representative of the general ADA holders, asked for anyone who is interested in the ecosystem and is in need of help in any way to reach out to him. You can reach him on Telegram via the handle dimitri77777

Sean Lynch, who heads the project Littercoin is interested in contacting people in UNEP. UNEP(United Nations Environmental Programme) is interested in finding African founders who are looking to solve the waste problem in Africa. He also highlighted some of the problems he was having working with people in Africa regarding crypto transfers

In reaction, Mercy shared a proposal called Wada DEX | Facilitating Capital access. The purpose of which is to offer seamless onboarding into the crypto space.

Wada monthly meeting will be held on the 26th of March.

Emelia ended the session with Ideas moving forward. She spoke about the Breakout rooms in the Catalyst town hall that talks about the future of the African Town Hall.

Ninh Tran introduced himself and shared the proposals he has for Fund 8. One of which is the introduction of the Open Source Quadratic funding campaign. The aim is to bring Gitcoin to Cardano with quadratic voting and funding to amplify opportunities to build the future of open source Cardano.

Links to his proposals can be found below:




The next edition of the African Town Hall is slated to hold on the 1st of April as it will be held every fortnight.

Wada is a co-organizer of the Africa Town Hall with Catalyst Swarm and The Catalyst School. Please follow them on all social media channels for more updates.

Telegram: https://t.me/wada_org

Twitter : https://twitter.com/wada_org



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