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Grow Wada with Catalyst

When Wada was launched, the vision was to create a bridge between devs, entrepreneurs, Cardano, and other distributed ledger technologies. A bridge of infrastructure and community to realize the potential of the ideas young African minds possess. One that adds a block to the community we currently occupy.

It would have been convenient to say that we are building a bridge to the blockchain, but that wouldn’t suffice. Why? Because we are trying to build more than just a bridge. We are building a community of bridge builders. Where every individual is a bridge. The reward in creating this kind of community is more than any token we can hold in our wallets. It is a self sustaining reward. One that hinges on growth. It is because of acts like this that makes us attract a lot of goodwill from the Cardano community. They see how much we are willing to create spaces for these bridges to be built and they love it. With this goodwill, we have been able to get funding for some of our proposals in previous Catalyst funding rounds. With this in mind, we believe we can get the support of the community one more time.

Below are a few of the many proposals submitted by Wada and partners in the current Fund7 funding round. As always, we appreciate your support as voting starts Thursday the 20th of January, 2022.

Oracles in tech are very important when interacting with data. To realize the full potential of general artificial intelligence, data collection becomes key in training AI to help bridge the gap between physical and digital. With a growing youth population, we can agree that we have the manpower to begin collecting and use data on a large scale. Read more about the proposal here.

Digital Identities can be created differently. Adoption and Usage will rely on Conformity and Interoperability. A Standard is key to ensure we have a foundation for digital identities. One that it’s format will last the test of time.

Without proper identity on the blockchain, legitimate transactions can be challenging. Identity on the blockchains not only legitimizes the individual, but it also legitimizes the community these individuals find themselves in.

Cardano has developed great learning programs such as the Atala Prism Pioneer Program. What we seek through this proposal is to expose and educate about the building blocks behind this amazing technology in a way that will ease the onboarding process of local developers into this new paradigm.

The concept of a distributed ledger isn’t new to African communities. The concept might be crude, but its mode of function is similar. This method involves a group of people coming together to collectively save money outside the banks. It is easier to manage trust outside financial institutions such as banks. With this proposal, we are looking to bring this same concept to the blockchain, starting with Cameroon.

Catalyst Treasury Management

Funded proposals require a treasury and portfolio management tool beyond spreadsheets in order to track inflows and outflows. A simple, easy-to-use dashboard for funded proposals to track monthly disbursements from Catalyst, as well as expenses and wallet balances.

Clubs+hackathons = Cardano adoption

Competition and hackathons have been shown to drive interests in the tech community. This can be leveraged in a way that sparks a deep interest in Cardano adoption. The plan is to have clubs that allow people to connect and share their learnings. You can read more about this proposal here.

Grow Afriteen, grow Cardano ERGhana

Youth education about blockchain is essential for its adoption. This has been a major goal for Wada and the surrounding community. This proposal focuses on Ghana, teaching over 300 students what Cardano has to offer. Please vote for this proposal when you come across it in the upcoming voting round. Read more about it here.

Mass Cardano Education for Students

Still on the subject of education, this proposal focuses on the northern region of Ghana. The approach here is a bit different from the Afriteen proposal, as it focuses on community events that spread across tertiary and secondary institutions.

Wada Preserving Culture: NFT -> DAO

As time passes, we become new with each day. Unfortunately, along with our past, we tend to forget some important parts of what made us who we currently are. A part of that is our heritage, our culture. In order to have any form of legitimacy over cultural heritage, we will need to collect the artefacts that serve as proof of these cultures. Thus creating a record of intellectual property NFT’s on the blockchain. We put together a proposal that is attempting to solve this problem.

Cardano for Species Management

The numbers of endangered species continue to rise, and no easy way currently exists to support efforts utilizing opportunities in blockchain.

We will provide an in-house platform enabling users to support wildlife conservation through a native token, fundraising platforms & NFTs.

Lost |&| Found

There is no existing system that facilitates the recovery of lost/found items, specifically indispensable documents such as ID cards etc. This proposal looks at how it can fix this problem.

Cardano Care

The plastic recycling industry in Accra — Ghana suffers from an antiquated reputation model and little use of helpful technology. A marketplace with certified plastic recycling companies, financial guarantees via Plutus, and convenient technology for recycling processes. Read more about this proposal here.

Accelerating Enterprise Adoption

Building dApps can be very challenging. When we factor in the tech climate in Africa, we find ourselves climbing uphill. With no-code solutions, we will be able to prioritise user experience before doing the heavy lifting of software engineering. This saves us time and money. Learn more about this proposal here.

The problem our technology solves is to provide an easy, scalable, and efficient way for large governmental organizations and enterprises to build decentralized apps and critical registry solutions on the Cardano blockchain.


The rapidly advancing ICT sector helps in addressing social and economic difficulties caused by the rapid growth of youth populations in developing countries. ICTs offer better opportunities to young people for learning, skill development and employment. But there is a big gap in deprived communities, as in the case of Northern Ghana. Many young men and women in the NorthEast region (Nalerigu) lack access to these basic ICT technologies and services. Read more about this proposal here.

Cardano Mobile Hubs

The economy that we have been witnessing in poor regions in Africa have made industries packetize commodities like milk, sugar and even alcohol. This has made these commodities accessible to people who find it difficult to buy these commodities in standard quantities or sizes. A similar approach can be applied to hubs, where hubs can be inexpensive to operate and move around. We are looking at bringing this to life with this proposal.

Spread Plutus through Africa

Most projects in Africa avoid integrating on Cardano, given the sharp learning curve that smart contracts and Plutus bring to the developers. This can be very challenging for people interested in blockchain technology. A model for this would be to bring Plutus to ground level. This proposal helps shed light on the solution to this problem.

As blockchain becomes the default tech to solve local problems, lack of competent Cardano devs will become an issue unless addressed now.

Global Identity and Authentication

Without identity, there is no ownership, no economic progress, no prosperity, no legally binding actions. In order to solve this problem, we will need to create a solution that isn’t centralized to a single entity, but one where verifiable biometrics information is owned by the people.

Proposals are the piers we need to build the bridges we have mapped out, these bridges that link us to a brighter future for the Africans using blockchain technology. With the help of Cardano and its wonderful community, this won’t be a difficult feat to pass.

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Till next time, stay well.



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