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Wada in Nigeria

With the buzz about Web 3 taking center stage, it is important to guide people in the right direction when it comes to building solutions on the blockchain. This is one of the reasons Wada exists. To build communities of people who are solution driven. How do we intend on building these communities? By creating hubs in different African countries.

Talking waste management and blockchain with Hobeei

On the 18th of January, we had the first meeting of the Wada Nigeria chapter. An introduction into what the blockchain provides in terms of solutions to local problems.

One of these local problems is waste management and recycling.

Hobeei is a freecycling startup that is led by Mariam Akbar. She is passionate about solving the difficulty of waste and recycling. We were able to expand on the possibilities of how recycling and waste management can be better managed with the help of the blockchain. Littercoin, a data gathering solution that rewards people for reporting waste in their environment, is an example of such solutions.

We were also able to learn how to create personal tokens on Cardano. This was fun as it didn’t cost us up to $3 to create a billion tokens. Send me a DM if you want some.

What we intend to do with these meetings is to start conversations with people who are willing to build on the blockchain and introduce them to the people and solutions that will help them on their journey. The most important thing we are trying to do is building a community.

Please follow up on updates we will be sharing as things progress.

Twitter: @wadalliance

Telegram: @wadalliance

Website : wadalliance.org



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