Running High Across the Williamsburg Bridge

A spiritual experience: exercising + zooted

I fuckin’ love exercising — for equal parts physical and mental health.


BUT I also really fuckin’ love smoking weed. I usually don’t mix the two, but when I do something truly beautiful may (or may not) happen. Usually it’s just a small hit or three, or four, or five. And sometimes you hit that sweet spot where you’re not TOO cerebral, but you feelin’ it a lil bit. More like a numbness, if anything.

Like you can just glaze your eyes over and run fo’ miles with that sweet ass play list.

Thennnn there are times when you mightttt actually brink of the edge of being blitzed.

Zooted, if you will.


This happened recently when I was feenin’ a good ass gym sesh. So I ran over to the Williamsburg BLINK fitness, set up my Kayla Itsines workout, which, of course, required two workout benches and hella space.

Keep in mind this is rush hour gym time, around 6:30pm or so??

Anywho, I show up, set up and immediately feel SO uncomfortable taking up so much space at the crowded ass gym. This was actually brilliant because it made me rush through my workouts way faster than I would otherwise so I could GTFO and get to my running portion of my workout regiment.

I try to time this perfectly so I can achieve one of my favorite things in the worlddddd, which is:

Running over the Williamsburg bridge.

(Photo: Vivienne Gucwa)

(Photo: Vivienne Gucwa)


I kid you not I’ve never had such a spiritual experience, other than at church. Or on the subway (high, obv.)

Watching the pastel blues turn to pink and purple, and the lights of the city start to the illuminate to the forefront, and then you turn a-fucking-round and see the MOON RISE on the other side of the East Rivah!!!!!!

(Photo: Anton Repponen)

(Photo: Anton Repponen)

Seeing all the fluorescent lights and neon colors I could SWEAR I’m in Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees” music video.

Writing this makes me wanna put the whiskey down, take a toke or three, and put my running shoes on.



It’s raining out.


Written while high during Waddle, Whiskey & Weed, an event with Love & Marij