Seattle: Pike Place Food Crawl

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Seattle, the city grown out of thieves, drugs, and brothels is now one of most educated and beautiful cities in the U.S. Whether you’re visiting or taking visiting family and friends out, the following food crawl of the historic Pike Place market is an absolute must. As with most activities in life, this food crawl is best done with friends. Going it alone will result in a bursting belly and thus a sad mid-way stop in the food crawl.

Start with Coffee and a Crumpet

Start the day with a cup of classic Seattle “go-juice” from the original Starbucks. The small, minimalist location is on the north end of pike place and features the true uncensored logo where you can get your tit for tat ;). Then head over to the Crumpet Shop for the freshest, fluffiest crumpets you’ll ever taste. I recommend the smoked salmon spread with cucumbers. On your way down Pike Street, hit up the celebrated, century-old fish stall on the corner of Pike Street and Pike Place (you read that right). Grab a sample of traditional Seattle smoked salmon while watching the locals throw 100lb salmon back and forth to the glee of the surrounding crowds.

Then have yourself some Russian pies

Stroll down the street to the tiny hole in the wall, Piroshky Piroshky. These delicious, savory pockets of steaming meat and vegetables are worth the wait (the line moves fast, so no worries!). It’s your right as an American to get whatever flavor you want, but I suggest the smoked salmon piroshky. Room for seconds? Then its beef, onions, and mushrooms.

And cheese

After the delectable Russian pies, hop over to the renowned Beecher’s Cheese Shop. Seattle’s natural majesty, can leave you a little chilly. Comfort food is next to warm you up. Grab a bowl of mac n’ cheese while watching expert cheesemakers turn a huge vat of fresh milk into award winning cheese (sounds weird, but it’s awesome to see). Go easy on the mac n’ cheese though, because you have one more filling dish that you can’t miss.

With a side of more creaminess

Pike Chowder House gives Boston a run for their money with creamy, hot chowder bursting with fresh clams. And yes, there is a salmon option (aren’t you glad you brought your chow squad?).

And finish it off with something sweet

Hopefully now you’ve made it through without passing out from all the delicious food. We have one final stop at Le Panier to top it all off with something sweet. These macarons rival those of Laduree or Pierre de Herme in Paris — this is an authentic French bakery. If you’re absolutely too full, you can always pack a box of macarons to take home. Throw a fresh baguette in there for the hell of it.

Lastly, treat yo’ self to some flowers

You did it! Grab a fresh bouquet of flowers from the market and head home to marvel in the life (gut) altering experience you just had.

So pretty.

Pike Place Suggestions

Original Starbucks $
102 Pike St, Seattle, WA

Crumpet Shop $$
1503 1st Ave, Seattle, WA

Piroshky Piroshky $
1908 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA

Pike Chowder House $
1530 Post Alley, Seattle, WA

Beecher’s Cheese Shop $
1600 Pike Place, Seattle, WA

Le Panier $
1902 Pike Place, Seattle, WA

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