Where a Brit Should Eat in NYC

A list of 35 NYC Restaurants to go to from One Brit to Another

Being an Englishman in New York, every time a British friend is hitting up NYC, I get asked for recommendations. I got tired of sharing this one at a time, and I realized more people could benefit — so here it is — the restaurant version — broken down so you can easily find what you want: American, Asian, Bagels, Belgium, British, Burgers, Dessert, Indian, Italian, South of the Border, Steakhouses, + a couple of extras.

Note: make a reservation if possible. You can always cancel but some places book up really quick so plan 24 hours ahead.


Brunch, New American, Southern, BBQ, hot dogs, a diners and a deli


Great American brunch spot near the end of the Highline.

The Smith

Very strong brunch or dinner place. Lots of space so easy to get in without a reservation.

Crif dogs

Hot dogs!

Dinosaur BBQ

Amazing Barbeque.

Brother Jimmys

There are a couple of these around. All you can eat ribs and beer on Sundays for $25!

Red Rooster

Popular cool restaurant up in Harlem.

Hometown Hotpot & BBQ

All you can eat hot pot that cooks itself on your own personal table hob!

The Famous Cozy Soup & Burger

Great place to go for an American Diner experience.

Katz Deli

The deli from When Harry Met Sally i.e. “I’m having what she’s having”. Expensive and touristy but worth it.

Bacon-wrapped Crif dogs, Spiced Catfish at Red Rooster Harlem and Pancakes at The Smith


From Chinese in Chinatown to Japanese in Tribeca

Wo Hop

Hole in the wall amazing Chinese food in Chinatown


Nice and cheap Japanese food in Tribeca. Great lunch bento box deal with big portions.

Shanghai Cafe Deluxe

Amazing Chinese food in Chinatown. Try the soup dumplings.

Best soup dumplings — Shangai Cafe Deluxe. Photo courtesy of @gritsinthecity


NYC bagels are the best — along with NYC pizza


Amazing bagels.

Bagel w/ Cream Cheese, Bacon, Slice Tomato with a sprinkle of Black Pepper


In case you’re missing the EU

BXL Zoute

Cool Belgian place. Good for dinner or drinks.


If you’re missing tea, fish, chips and Cadbury chocolate:

Tea & Sympathy

British tea shop & food

A Salt & Battery

British fish & chips

A Salt & Battery; Tea & Sympathy


Americans love their burgers.

Shake Shack

There are a few locations, but check out Shake Shack in Madison Square Park (near the FlatIron building). It’s actually in the park — very cool (and tasty).

Five Guys

Burgers and fries. Plenty of these everywhere.

Shake Shack burger with crinkly fries



Magnolia Bakery

Amazing cupcakes!

Eileen’s Special Cheesecake

Amazing cheesecake!

Eileen’s Special Cheesecake


Quaint French bistro + fine-dining:

Hotel Chantelle

Classy French food on a rooftop with a live Jazz band and 99 cent cocktails


French brunch and dinner. Very classy and quaint.

Balthazar and Rooftop of Hotel Chantelle


If you’re missing British style curry takeaway:

Brick Lane Curry House

Lamb chops @ Brick Lane


In case you didn’t know, NYC has the best pizza.

Benito One

great Italian food in the heart of Little Italy on Mulberry st (closed to traffic)


Great hole in the wall Italian pasta / pizza place in Tribeca.


Under Brooklyn Bridge. Frank Sinatra’s favorite pizza place. Used to have the pizza flown out to Vegas.

Find your favorite pizza — Saluggi’s (L), Grimaldi’s (R)

South of the Border

Latin, Mexican, Cuban and Tacos!

Calle Ocho

Amazing latin brunch place with unlimited sangria!


Incredible cuban food. Great for brunch or dinner.


Awesome tacos near Rockaway Beach.


Few of these around. Dirty cheap margaritas and Mexican food.


Cool Mexican street food. Like wahaca.

Gazpacho Tropical at Cuba; Calle Ocho; Tacos at Tacoway Beach


There are lots of amazing steakhouses in NYC. Here are two I enjoy:

Club A Steakhouse

Amazing steak. Not too expensive but enormous portions.

Smith & Wollensky’s

Old school steakhouse.

Steak @ Smith & Wollenskey

Other — Streets & Food Court

FYI The Pennsy opened in 2016, one of the few great quick food options near Penn Station.

The Pennsy

An upmarket food court next to Penn Station, with five different restaurants in one, with large dining area.

Stone St

Cool little street in the Financial District that’s closed to traffic. Loads of restaurants along here to sit outside.

The Pennsy entrance

Photo Credits — Facebook: Red Rooster Harlem, Crif Dogs, Ess-A-Bagel, Shake Shack, Cuba, Rockaway Beach Surf Club, Calle Ocho, The Pennsy, Eileen’s Special Cheesecake, Smith & Wollensky NYC, Grimaldi’s, Saluggi’s, Hotel Chantelle, BalthazarNY, A Salt & Battery, Tea & Sympathy, BXL Zoute, GritsInTheCity Website

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