Where Things Stand in Virginia

We’re working hard in the 91st, don’t discount our race. Our opponent just had his worst July fundraising tally since he’s been in office, and we’re nipping on his heels. We’ve got a better ground game, social media presence and we’ve got energy and excitement on our side. We’ve got dozens of enthusiastic supporters making phone calls and knocking doors for us every week. We’re working with the coordinated campaign and party leaders in all three localities within our district; people are fired up.

We’re doing a voter outreach event this weekend where we will get our message out to thousands of citizens in the district, and we’ve got several more coming up between now and November. I’m working hard to win the 91st because our delegate has gotten complacent and isn’t doing the work he needs to do for the people of the district. He’s voted against Medicaid expansion, supported restrictive voter ID measures, and has hardly passed any bills during his 6 years in office. He hasn’t had a electoral challenger since he won the GOP primary, and he doesn’t have half the drive we’ve got going.

I guarantee you when I get to Richmond I’m not going to stop until we’ve expanded Medicaid for the 400,000 Virginians that are falling in the coverage gap. I won’t stop until we’ve raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and I’m not going to stop until we’ve reformed campaign finance and take power away from the wealthy and politically connected elite and give it back to the working class of this great Commonwealth.

That’s my promise.