Giving and receiving support

Whether you need help or want to help

Volunteer opportunities

If you are healthy and feeling able to provide support to your community, you may find that you receive as much as you give! Volunteering is good for your health! Volunteering has been shown to reduce depression and stress and help people live longer. And, you might get to learn something new or meet someone new!

  • You could donate to a Shelter or Food Bank and help make sure everyone has enough to eat. Donate to the Hunger Relief Fund for Washington.
  • You could support nonprofits that you love, that are helping people in need, that your friends recommend to you, or to those are addressing systemic racial inequities and disparities. You can also consider giving to regional funds through Philanthropy Northwest — Response to COVID-19 Outbreak.
  • You could donate medical supplies or equipment you don’t need anymore. Email FEMA’s National Business Emergency Operations Center at to find out how.
  • Northwest Harvest (Statewide)
  • Second Harvest (Eastern Washington)
  • Food Lifeline (Western Washington)
  • You could donate blood. Blood donations have decreased dramatically. Visit Bloodworks NW in the Puget Sound region or American Red Cross Blood Services.

More information

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