Public health does that?!

Ensuring patient safety in Washington


Did you know that the Department of Health regulates and supports more than 463,000 health professionals in 83 health professions? Each year we review more than 14,000 complaints and inspect thousands of facilities. And each month we respond to an average of 24,000 phone calls and thousands of emails.

Preventing harm in health care settings is a public health concern. This week is Patient Safety Awareness Week, an annual recognition event to encourage everyone to learn more about health care safety.

One way we protect public health and address patient safety concerns is through our online complaint form. People who wish to file complaints against Washington’s health care providers and facilities can do so more easily, thanks to a new online complaint intake form. Although people could previously access Word or PDF forms online, the new form is more convenient. Complaints can also be sent by email, in person, or by telephone.

Making a complaint begins a process that may or may not result in an investigation. In turn, an investigation may or may not lead to a statement of charges, with potential disciplinary action ranging from training to license suspension or revocation.

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