The power of resilience

Finding sweetness at a tough time

Resilience is the skill that allows us to adapt to a crisis while it is happening and then emerge emotionally stronger than before. This public health crisis is a time of stress, worry, grief. Some of us have lost people we love. Physical isolation wears on us and it can feel never-ending.

But. There are hopeful moments too. What are the moments of joy you will remember from this time?

Is it nature that brings you strength?

Long, beautiful sunny days? Watching the flowers bloom? Keeping a list of all the birds you’ve seen? Taking a walk just to see how many different kinds of bumblebees you can find?

Did you learn something new?

Have you given or received a pandemic haircut? Have you adopted a sourdough starter? Did you learn more than you thought possible about big cats and roadside zoos?

Have there been unexpected moments of connection?

Have you found new ways to show your friends you care about them? Are you having more giggly game nights with the kids? Have you given up on ever figuring out how to sew your own mask only to have beautiful homemade masks show up on your doorstep from a craftier friend who cares about you? Have you Zoomed with toddlers? With grandparents? With your oldest friends who live so far away?

Have you done something fun you never would have had time for before?

Camping in the backyard? Long bike rides? Waffles on a weekday? Dog walks and cuddles in the middle of the day?

Have you returned to old habits that bring you joy but get sidelined in the daily grind?

Do you play music? Do you do puzzles? Maybe sewing is a source of joy and not frustration for you? Have you read books and caught up on old movies? Are you planting a garden?

There is sweetness in this tough time. And noticing it and reveling in it builds your resilience to the stress and grief of this pandemic. These are the things that make us strong.

Practice compassion.

Take some time today to reach out to someone you love and create an unexpected moment of connection. You and your loved one will both be more resilient for it.

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