There’s a new way to verify your COVID-19 vaccination on the go

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Over the past several months, we learned to embrace QR codes again, but in new ways. From scanning restaurant menus to online shopping, QR code usage resurfaced as a safe way to exchange information without germs.

Now, you can even use a QR code to verify your COVID-19 vaccination status! It’s part of a brand-new tool called WA Verify. It uses a SMART Health Card QR code that allows you to confirm your vaccination, wherever you are.

WA Verify is the newest (but not only) way to show that you are fully vaccinated. With many other options out there, it can be confusing to know which is right for you and your family. So, we put together a quick guide to help you understand before you make plans.

Let’s start with the basics. What is WA Verify?

WA Verify provides a digital copy of your COVID-19 vaccination record in the form of a QR code. Local businesses and organizations can simply scan it to verify your vaccination status.

The WA Verify digital code contains all the same information as your paper COVID-19 vaccine card. But to protect your privacy, it can only be read by a SMART Health Card-compliant device. Best of all, there’s no cost to use it.

What is WA Verify used for?

WA Verify lets you keep proof of your vaccination on hand so you can easily share it with others — without the germs.

The advantage of digital verification tools (like WA Verify) is portability. Instead of carrying around a paper card that can get lost or damaged, WA Verify can be stored and read digitally. This can be great if you’re going somewhere that requires vaccine verification, like some bars, restaurants, or concerts.

Do I need to use WA Verify?

No, you’re not required to use WA Verify. The tool is completely optional. But keep in mind that many businesses and events are asking people to verify their vaccination status before entering. And it’s a good idea to keep some type of vaccine record handy, in case you forgot (or washed) your card.

Think of it this way: you’ve already got options. And now there’s one more.

What other options do I have?

There are a few other ways to verify your status.

The most common is your Vaccination Record Card. You can use your original, a hard copy, or a photocopy. Saving a picture of your card on your cell phone is also a great idea to keep it handy!

Washington state also offers some more ways to show proof of vaccination if you don’t want to carry your card, or in case you lost or ruined it.

These include:

  • MyIR Mobile Certificate of COVID-19 Vaccination (printed or screenshot)
  • Washington State Immunization Information System printout
  • Verified electronic medical record printout from your medical or vaccine provider

Like WA Verify, these options are available to anyone who got the COVID-19 vaccine, including children. Parents can use any of these methods to show their children’s complete vaccination records — but WA Verify is just for COVID-19.

Remember, you aren’t considered fully vaccinated until two weeks after you get your second shot if you had to get two doses (Pfizer or Moderna), or two weeks after you get a single-dose vaccine (Johnson and Johnson). This is true no matter how you show proof of vaccination, including WA Verify.

What’s the best option for me?

Typically, the best option for you is the one you’ll remember to use! Though it’s best to have a combination of options (like a printed AND digital copy), in case you forget one or if your phone dies.

It’s important to note that some places (or your employer) may only accept specific types of proof. Be sure to check what kind you need ahead of time, so you’re prepared.

How do I sign up?

Visit to get started. You’ll need to answer a few questions to verify your vaccination status and create a four-digit pin.

Once your vaccination record is found, you’ll be sent a link to the email or mobile phone number associated with your record. After entering your four-digit PIN, you’ll see your COVID-19 vaccination information. You’ll also get a scannable QR code confirming your verification record is authentic.

Can I save my results to my smartphone?

Yes! Simply take a screenshot of your Digital COVID-19 Verification Record and QR code and save it to your photos.

iPhone users can save their record to the Apple Health and Apple Wallet apps with the iOS 15.1 operating system.

Android users can also save their record to Google Pay if they have Android version 5 and Google Play Services version 21.18 or higher.

Is it private?

Yes, your information is kept private. The link to the verification record requires a PIN that you create and is sent only to the mobile phone or email associated with your vaccination record.

The QR code provides a SMART Health Card, a secure copy of your verification record and can only be read by a SMART Health Card-compliant device.

What if my record is not found?

Don’t panic. Your vaccine provider enters your vaccine verification into the Immunization Registry, but there may be some missing information. So, it’s likely we have your record, just not your correct information.

To find your record, try re-entering your information with a different email or mobile number. If your record still isn’t found, contact your provider to update your vaccination record or call 1–833-VAX-HELP (833–829–4357), then press # to request a review of your record.

If you got vaccinated by a federal agency (like the Department of Defense, Indian Health Services, or Veterans Affairs), you will need to contact those agencies for assistance with your verification.

Was your question not covered in this blog? Visit for a full list of commonly asked questions. If you’re not seeing what you’re looking for, call 1–800–525–0127, press #.

More information

This blog is accurate as of the date of posting. Information changes rapidly, so check the state’s COVID-19 website for the most up-to-date info at You can also sign up to be notified whenever we post new articles.

The COVID-19 vaccine is now available to everyone 5 and older. For more information about the vaccine, visit and use the vaccine locator tool to find an appointment. The COVID-19 vaccine is provided at no cost to you.

WA Notify can alert you if you’ve been near another user who tested positive for COVID-19. Add WA Notify to your phone today:

Answers to your questions or concerns about COVID-19 in Washington State may be found at our website. You can also contact the Department of Health call center at 1–800–525–0127 and press # from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday, and 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday — Sunday and observed state holidays. Language assistance is available.



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