Wagerr Featured in EGR’s First Ever Crypto Edition!

In the sports betting industry, there are two main trade publications sent to, and consumed by, industry executives (CEOs, COOs, Marketing Directors, etc…). These two publications are none other than EGR and Gambling Insider.

Gambling Insider tends to focus on, and be directed at Las Vegas, Tribal Gaming Casinos in North America, and offshore sportsbooks. EGR, while having a North American magazine, is directed at European and Asian audiences, primarily focusing on licensed sportsbooks in the EU markets.

Known and recognised all over the globe, EGR have four major publications, run their own award shows, and are ever-present at every major sports betting conference.

EGR Global, owned by parent company Pageant Media, is the world’s leading publisher, and membership networking group for the online gaming and gambling industry, featuring consistent exclusive news, interviews and comments from the most influential people in the sector. As publisher of the industry’s only monthly B2B title, EGR is able offer its readers more up-to-date insight and expert opinion on the big issues as opposed to any of thebother eGaming business publications.

The EGR Awards recognise and reward excellence and innovation in online gaming. EGR host a number of Awards throughout the year, both for key regulated markets, service providers, and their flagship EGR Operator Awards, involving over 700 eGaming operators, now in its 12th year.

At the 2017 EiG Conference (where Wagerr CEO David Mah was a featured speaker), the revolutionary aspect of the blockchain technology presented at the conference was undeniable, even referred to as a “Game Changer in the Sports Betting Industry”, and all areas of the industry had no option but to take note of this new distributed ledger technology & to look at the future impact it will have.

After the 2017 EiG conference, EGR made the decision to publish an annual ‘Crypto Edition' of their magazine. We are proud to say that Wagerr was featured in EGR’s first ever annual Crypto Edition, with a full-page advert and a two-page feature containing an in-depth interview with Wagerr Director of Operations, Jason Tauriello.

Wagerr has been established as a pioneer in the blockchain betting space, and is now beginning to be recognized as a revolutionary product in the general sports betting industry. This comes as no surprise to those who have been following Wagerr development.

With the best odds in the world, and a blockchain solution providing unmatched liquidity, sports betting executives around the globe have a new solution for liability management. The potential of Wagerr for users of all types is undeniable, and it all begins on September 15th with Wagerr’s first ever mainnet betting event: Canelo vs GGG 2.

Wagerr is the future of betting, and the future of betting belongs on the blockchain!

Link to EGR’s 1st Annual Crypto Edition: https://egr.global/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/EGR-Crypto-2018.pdf

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