If you or a loved one are in crisis, dial 988 for help
The 9–8–8 line launched Saturday, July 16, 2022. 250+ languages are supported, and operators can direct callers to specific resources for veterans, non-English speakers, Native & Indigenous people, and more. Calls to the lifeline are private. Deaf, hard of hearing, and TTY users may use a relay service or dial 711, then 1–800–273–8255. Text and chat options are also available.

988 is just the beginning

Three-part plan for HB1477: someone to call, someone to respond, a place to go for help.
The 988 lifeline is now operational, but HB 1477 has more in store. Future improvements will establish more culturally competent supports, and more seamlessly connect callers with available services.

In 988, people are finding real help

Picture of Governor Jay Inslee and other leaders visiting a 988 call center
Gov. Jay Inslee is joined by local and state legislators, health experts, and staff of the Volunteers of America Western Washington Behavioral Health Call Center to announce the launch of the 988 crisis lifeline. Each individual pictured was important to its implementation.
Aerial view of 988 call center in Everett, Washington
The Volunteers of America Western Washington Behavioral Health Call Center in Everett serves Western Washington, and it’s also a backup location for calls to crisis lines elsewhere in America.

Responding to crisis calls with crisis experts

Investing in solutions

Governor Jay Inslee visits Chief Seattle Club, a shelter for Native & Indigenous people in Seattle
Gov. Jay Inslee visited the Chief Seattle Club in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle in June. Chief Seattle Club is a supportive housing facility specifically for American Indian and Alaskan Native people experiencing homelessness or crisis. Among the facility’s planned amenities is a sweat lodge-style room, still under construction at the time of this photo, to offer residents spiritual and cultural connection in addition to stabilizing shelter and supports.

Culturally competent counseling

Graph showing a 30% increase in the United States suicide rate in the last 20 years.
The national suicide rate has increased 30% in 20 years. Had the rate held steady, 13,700 fewer Americans would have died in 2020.
Governor Jay Inslee tours a youth-specific shelter in Auburn, Washington.
Gov. Jay Inslee visited residents and case managers at the YMCA Arcadia in June. The Arcadia is a supportive housing facility in Auburn specifically for youth with a disabling condition, including behavioral health issues or substance use disorder. The Arcadia received $1.21 million from the Housing Trust Fund in 2015.



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Governor Jay Inslee

Governor Jay Inslee


Governor of Washington state. Writing about innovation, jobs, education, clean energy & my grandkids. Building a WA that works for everyone.