It’s a big week for Washington

Tomorrow at Lincoln High School in Tacoma, I’ll unveil my plan to fully fund education and fulfill our state’s paramount duty.

Wednesday I’ll release my 2017 state budget proposal which, in addition to fully funding education, will make important changes to our state’s mental health system.

On Thursday I’m going to visit one of our state’s early learning providers and talk about restructuring services for families and children across state government.

Aside from the budget, this week we’re launching our new Medium site to bring stories, updates, photos and videos from throughout state government directly to you.

This is a new way of communicating. I’m hoping we can learn from each other as we work on growing our economy, helping our children thrive, expanding access to affordable health care, tackling issues such as climate change and more.

Gov. Jay Inslee in his office at the Capitol, Dec. 12, 2016. (Official Governor’s Office Photo)

So bookmark, follow, and check back here often. This site isn’t just about the budget — we’ve got a lot coming up in January with my inaugural address and the beginning of legislative session.

I’ll be sharing pictures and videos from across Washington as I visit schools, talk with businesses and meet with community groups. And we’ll frequently post stories from guest contributors at our state agencies and from the people and businesses we serve.

There’s a lot going on not just in Olympia but in every corner of the state. We’re hoping that this site makes it easier to find out more about your state government, and how you can be a part of it.

Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee