It’s time to get your flu shot.

Gov. Jay Inslee preparing to receive his annual flu shot at CVS Pharmacy in Olympia, Wash., Jan. 6, 2017 (Official Governor’s Office Photo)

Today Trudi and I got our flu shots because we know it’s the best way to protect ourselves and perhaps more importantly, it’s a good way to protect other people including those who might develop serious complications from the flu.

Flu season is in full swing and many people in our state are sick right now — it’s important that we each do our part to help keep each other healthy.

I want to urge other people who haven’t yet had their seasonal flu shot to get vaccinated right away; and urge people who are sick to stay home to avoid infecting others.

Right now, some of our healthcare facilities in Washington have emergency rooms and urgent care units at or beyond capacity because there are so many people who are sick right now.

And while it’s important that seriously ill people get medical care, it’s important that we remember that our emergency rooms should be used for emergencies.

Gov. Jay Inslee and Trudi Inslee with staff from the CVS pharmacy in Olympia, Wash., Jan. 6, 2017 (Official Governors Office Photo)

The flu can make people really miserable and it can be very serious for some people- this makes it hard to decide when we should get medical care and when we should tough it out at home.

There’s a lot of misunderstanding about the flu, and I’d like to ask everyone to go to our state Department of Health website to find factual information about flu and how to decide if they need emergency medical care or if they can safely be cared for at home or by their doctor.

Again I want to urge Washingtonians to get your flu shot, to stay home when you’re sick, and to do your part to help keep others healthy.