To end gun violence, build on what works

Washington’s public health approach to confronting America’s epidemic of gun violence is saving lives

This is a photo of Gov. Jay Inslee and AG Bob Ferguson at press conference with advocates for gun violence prevention
KeAnna Pickett, whose husband D’Vonne was shot and killed in front of their family business in Seattle in 2022, speaks to reporters at a press conference on gun responsibility legislation supported by Gov. Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson

What’s working

Fundamentally, Washington’s strategy is about putting protocols in place that prevent gun violence stemming from any number of circumstances.

This is a photo of Gov. Inslee at a podium with First Lady Trudi Inslee next to him, in front of a crowd of supporters.
Gov. Inslee speaking at a press conference, with First Lady Trudi Inslee and advocates for laws to prevent gun violence
This is a chart that shows the average rate of gun deaths in Washington compared to the average rate for the U.S. as a whole. It shows that firearm deaths in Washington are well below the national average.

What’s next

Among the gun responsibility proposals up for debate in Olympia now, is a permit-to-purchase bill requested by Inslee. This would require all prospective firearm purchasers to complete safety training and apply directly to the Washington State Patrol for a permit before purchasing a gun. With a smaller proportion of first-time gun buyers purchasing a firearm for hunting — an activity for which a license and training has long been a standard legal requirement — more of Washington’s new gun-owners increasingly lack any kind of training in how to handle and store a gun safely. In the face of that trend, Inslee says the permit-to-purchase policy is a common-sense method of ensuring gun owners have the knowledge necessary to handle their weapons properly. The bill would also put in place a 10 day waiting period for all firearm purchases.



News and updates from Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee and his administration.

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