Washington stands with Ukraine on anniversary of Russian invasion

On the one-year mark of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Washington remains committed to helping refugees and supporting civilians and soldiers on the war’s frontline.

Photo of Gov. Inslee and Oleg Pynda shaking hands standing in front of an American flag and a Ukrainian flag.
Gov. Inslee and Oleg Pynda, the executive director of Washington’s Ukranian Community Center
Collage of three photos — the photo on the left shows Gov. Inslee standing next to a female police officer-in-training; the photo on the upper right shows a group of people standing alongside one another in front of a plane and smiling at the camera; the photo on lower right shows a group of people walking up a set of stairs onto an airplane.
Clockwise from left: Gov. Inslee with Adriana Mazur, an immigrant from Ukraine now in training to become a police officer in Washington; photos from the airlift of medical supplies to Ukraine that the governor’s team helped organize in March 2022

Those interested in helping with this effort can learn more from the following websites:

· Uniting for Ukraine | U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services



News and updates from Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee and his administration.

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