Product Launch — looking for


We are in mission of providing a platform where businesses(online sellers/shop/stores) can reach online users of their city. But down the line something was missing…

Have you every asked your friends or yourself?

  1. Where can i find this?
  2. What are the best options in my city?
  3. How would I find this at this hour?
  4. I’m new to this city and I’ve no idea!
  5. God only if I knew if there was a better option!

And so many other questions, but we must accept that, we lose plenty of time because of it. But answers are there, in the form of that business who is selling them, in form of a user, who knows the best business to fulfill your need. But that information is not available in your hand just like 1000s of reviews about a new mobile phone.

With looking for, we believe your city can help you find those things in form of simple answers only if there was a platform where they could find what you are looking for.

How it works?

With looking for, we ask you to simple fill this form

and your question goes live, now once your question goes live, users and business of your city can post the reply with best of their knowledge. Here is an example how one of the users on our platform asked for Ukadiche Modak in Mumbai.

Link Ukadiche modak in mumbai

Now you can see clearly, how users get connected to business easily. Here the person asking found 2 answers from 2 businesses, now as you can see he is get answers not only from the users who we believe have the best answers but also the businesses who actually sell ukadiche modak.

And there is no magic in it, it is just as simple as you can see, just post your request, and wait for businesses and users to help you find what you are LOOKING FOR

Last but not the least

We hope this product will help you find what you are looking for but also allow you the help someone who is looking for something that you know.

Thank You