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some of my favorite animals, pt. 11

ok so

this is a nicobar pigeon. it lives on a few islands in the middle of the indian ocean sort of halfway between sri lanka and…

I’m going to share my bookmarks with you people 

Be sure to share your favorite bookmarks from around the web! And if you like what you see here be sure to hit ctrl+D!

How to do a Medium post

A step-by-step guide to understanding the website that’s redefining words and text.


Is My Medium Game Slipping?

Have the haters won?

Hey Medium,

Sorry I haven’t Mediumed in a while. I’ve been busy at work, the holidays, you know…

The 12 Best 420's of 2013

A very good list.

let me tell about hardest bug

we knew bug owuld be hard. but nobody could have known how hard. 

My coufoudned once told me: no bug is to hard to be debugge.d

All of the faces Kanye made while watching David Blaine jab an icepick through his hand

Transcript from the time Kobayashi faced a bear in an eating contest

A revolution in sports commentary.

wtiter ipo alvuetión

everyhtoing you heard i swrong

twittre has not stokc calue.

twtiter is waht you make of it

Medium Is OPNE!

Opemn for everyone to wriet in

Medium was clsed but now it si open@! so lets right our thoughts. Join me now by clicking —————————————————————→

that little coment box and joining in the conversauon.

along read


call me ishale

Medium Embeds

Good embeds

Medium. They are letting the embeds onto the Medium. How will embeds affect the ecosystem. The only way to know is to try.

some of my favorite animals, pt. 9

this is a tamandua. it’s a kind of anteater that’s sometimes called the “lesser anteater” but that implies a judgment that i don’t think is fair to the…

Double Xs, Third not a Strike

I never wanted a day job, not to mention within the central business district.

Left the office at 8:30PM today with a spring in my step, after stooping in the toilet cubicle turning, churning a rollie. Intention was for one but for some reason, I went ballistic and finished all the tobacco in my can. Growing queue outside must…

some of my favorite animals, pt. 8

this is a De Brazza’s monkey. it’s kind of uncool to name a monkey after a human imo but this monkey’s other two names are “swamp monkey” and “ayatollah…

Remembering the Xbox 360 reveal that aired on MTV in 2005

Here. We. Go.

A bunch of people sit down at a couch and then after like 5 seconds they get up again?

What is the best Medium?

It’s mine, idiotes



some of my favorite animals, pt. 7

this is an indri. it’s the biggest lemur in the world.

it’s basically a human but with furry teddy bear ears.

Batman And Superman Must Kiss In The New Movie

They have to smooch at least once.

Perhaps you have already heard the news that in the next Superman movie, the…

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waho cooooolllll
waho cooooolllll

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