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WAIFU is looking to scale!

We have adventured far and wide in the digital realm since our last Medium update. The blockchain space is truly a maze filled with dangerous pitfalls, poisonous snakes and killer apes. At the center we have found enlightenment: the true source all non-fungible collectibility and utility. So, what did we discover? And what are we doing now?

We can’t wait to show you what we have built!

WAIFU has been developing in stealth with the help of The Arcadia Group and a few select partners. We have some huge news to share once we are cleared by our advisors and legal. But in short there is a revamped nft.waifutoken.io website ready to be deployed in the next few weeks, there has been huge progress on our upcoming platform, our metaverse presence is rapidly growing with the help of some VERY passionate community members and we are looking towards the latter half of 2021 with a ton of optimism. Most importantly, however, we are nearly ready to unveil our plans for the much awaited token swap for the[REDACTED] ecosystem (we just cant say the name yet). We truly believe NFTs are the future and we are gearing up for a viable long-term product that makes digital collectibles not only desirable and attractive, but USEFUL and relevant beyond just a pretty animated image. There is much to say about this and we think we have a winning formula that we’ll be revealing mid way through Q3 2021.

Our latest drop was claimed in less than two minutes

With this in mind, we find ourselves in a unique predicament where our current ETH reserves are low yet our stash of unreleased NFTs and technology assets are now vast, just waiting to be deployed. Simply put, we have dedicated ourselves to building out some amazing products and a fine-tuned platform that will certainly shake up the market but will need additional funding if our products want to be seen as top-tier (which they absolutely are!). We have been very fortunate to be able to fund this out of our own pockets, but with seed funding comes the potential to radically scale WAIFU by hiring new team members who see the value in our community and product. Both co-founders have been busy talking with investors, advisors, and other outside project leaders to make sure any raised money goes as far as possible towards ecosystem development. More on this towards the end of this article.

Our current and future draws for both co-founders are also well below a six figure annual salary — we have decided to pay ourselves a modest living wage without any possibility of a future increase, regardless of funding. We have found where our skills are most applicable and also identified our current team needs. So, without further delay, we are now HIRING!

Now it is time to bring aboard a few world-class professionals who know how to scale cryptocurrency projects by growing the community, driving traffic to our upcoming [REDACTED] ecosystem, and continuing technical development with long term stakeholders and users in mind. So, anon, do you think you can help us out?

We now have a few new hires for managing our Twitter account!

Please see our separate Jobs post Medium article to see the positions we are looking to fill ASAP: https://waifutoken.medium.com/the-waifu-job-board-4ddcedc4dbb8

You can help make this a reality!

WAIFU will transition to a new governance structure and become a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). All current $WAIF token holders will have the ability to vote on snapshot proposals regarding platform changes, updates to our tokenomics, and other initiatives including some key scaling decisions we will introduce in the coming weeks. While many think that DAOs are the “flavor of the month”, we have observed the maturation of decentralized organizations as legal and economic entities that are capable of scaling to meet the needs of cryptocurrency projects amidst a changing landscape. This will be complemented by the formation of the WAIFU Foundation in a friendly jurisdiction which meets the needs of a growing ecosystem. Not only do DAOs offer a form of legal insulation from potential regulatory actions from non-friendly jurisdictions that WAIFU operates in, but the structure allows us to continue expanding towards a truly community centered project that puts the power in the hands of token holders and participants rather than early investors or key founding members. Bottom line: this official legal entity will help us access traditional financial infrastructure, acquire meaningful partnerships in the crypto space and beyond, and future-proof some key aspects that have made the WAIFU project truly unique.

Between Tekkaadan and Jonathan, we have watched even the most seemingly well-intentioned figureheads turn to greed when the stakes are high and resources are limited. As the first part of our transition, we will be holding a vote on which community members to include in our new 3 of 5 multi-signature treasury wallet. We don’t want it to become a popularity contest, but we do recognize there are a few notable individuals who have been here from the very beginning and we would like to include them as trusted stewards of our modest (albeit critical) team fund.

There are some additional proposals that the core group (consisting of both project founders, Rasikh from the Arcadia group, and a handful of important community members) will put up to vote. These include: 1) a major overhaul of our tokenomics so we can transition to a NEW token, 2) access significant funding through a pre-sale to accredited investors that pass KYC/AML and will become long term strategic partners for our venture, 3) the inclusion of a founders reward for both Tekkaadan and Jonathan who have worked full time over the majority of the past year to implement protocol upgrades, commission new NFTs, and manage the community, and, 4) specific but limited powers given to the project founders allowing them to hire and dismiss new team members at their discretion

Do you have any questions or suggestions for us? Please feel free to send us an email at info@waifutoken.io or jump into Telegram or Discord, where there are always mods and founders who can easily be tagged.


The WAIFU Project





WAIFU Token was launched without a token sale or VC investment. We are a community-directed project for digital art collectors, investors, and gamers. Check out our original content at https://nft.waifutoken.io/gallery

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A community-directed project for digital art collectors, investors, and gamers.

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