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WAIFU Weekly AUG 31-SEP 7

Oh, how we wish summer could never end…

How have you been, anon? I hope you have had a productive past seven days and finished all your chores and made your waifu proud. It has been an exciting week in Waifuverse and we are here to present you with yet another fiiine report!

Listings and liquidity

WAIFers can now trade on three DEX platforms: Uniswap, Balancer and Bamboorelay. We are stoked to provide a new public liquidity pool and decentralized limit-order market for the WAIFU community!



Our WAIF/wETH pool has been whitelisted by the kind folks over at Balancer Protocol! To pool or swap tokens you’ll need a web3-compatible wallet such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet, some WAIF tokens, and a little bit of wrapped ETH if you’d like to add to stake. You will always keep access to your keys and, unlike centralized exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance, your WAIF tokens can be claimed without human approval or KYC documentation. This will be the first of a few liquidity pools we plan on hosting.

Liquidity pools can be sexy!

We have always been adamant about are providing incentives for keeping your WAIF safe and secure! Balancer is yet another step closer towards a very cozy waifu experience. Staking WAIF and wrapped ETH will generate weekly airdropped BAL tokens which you can use however you see fit: you can use these to provide liquidity on the BAL/ETH pair or just sell the BAL and buy some sweet WAIF tokens! As of the time of publication our Balancer pool will provide up to 28% APY + trading fees based on volume.

For users simply looking to swap their wrapped ETH for WAIF, click below.


If you’re looking to add to the pool please be our guest, anon. It’s growing quickly! Nearly 10% of all circulating WAIF is now committed to our Balancer pairing:


If you need to wrap your ETH for WETH there is also a handy tool on the bottom left of the page!

If you’d like to learn more about Balancer and other DeFi pools there are a bunch of great resources available from the folks are zapper.fi! It’s a new financial paradigm and we are all learning along the way.



The biggest advantage to Bamboorelay is that it has order books unlike Balancer and Uniswap. Traders can enter higher limit orders to take profit and lower ones to buy the dip. You will always maintain custody over your funds much like Uniswap and Balancer. We are hoping more of you join the party and start placing orders!


This is our official contract address: 0xB2279B6769CFBa691416F00609b16244c0cF4b20


Our liquidity pool has been live and healthy for over a month on Uniswap! Currently we are above $100k in WAIF + ETH liquidity committed. This pair has seen some signs of growth with new folks adding liquidity. There are some cool ways to stake UNI V2 tokens — these are the “placeholders” for any capital you submit to a Uniswap pairing. Some staking designs use these LP tokens as a “proof of capital” and will reward unrelated, secondary tokens based on the number of LP tokens in your wallet and the particulars of the yield farming protocol. We are impressed with the growing scene for this and certainly cannot prevent third parties from making a WAIF/yWhatever coin pool. Our first third-party pool just popped up!

JIAOZI farmers hard at work in the yield farming fields!

While we are not a yield farming token by design, there are several ways to earn passive income on both staked and un-staked tokens. One project that has popped up on our community’s radar is JIAOZI.farm, which allows liquidity providers for the WAIF/ETH pair — along with several others on Uniswap — to farm JIAOZI tokens at a high APY %. These in turn can be re-staked for the highest rewards or sold on the open market. Although we have not partnered with the JIAOZI team our developers have checked their contract and website. In fact, we have devised a way in order to “retrieve” the staked LP tokens if their farming front-end were to disappear. Consider this a fun proof-of-concept for a secondary staking mechanism that the team will learn from.

In the future we will be deploying our own proprietary version and give the WAIFU community an interface for earning some sweet (but maybe not-so-rare) NFTs as a reward! Keep your eyes open in our Telegram and Discord. Sometimes we drop a few too many hints on whats next. :)

Other developments


We’re very excited about our new auction on Opensea.io! Our third NFT out of fifty is a pair of Akeno Himejima illustrations made by artist NOPEYS. The auction will run for 3 days and conclude at 7:30 PM PST on September 9. Only WAIF tokens can be submitted to bid on the ERC-1155 token. The winner will receive a link to the exclusive artwork. And rumor has it there’s a very lewd piece included as a bonus in the deal…

2M $WAIF bid already! Such wow.


VRChat Meetup

We held our first community VRChat meetup on Saturday 5th, 2020, 8 PM (CEST) to 12 PM the next day. It was huge fun! There are now tales of wild foot massage parties with some spicy waifu models, but who knows what’s real in virtual reality?

Things got weird

We’re looking forward to expanding on the 3D front and will be hosting these community meetings regularly. Everybody recognizes the huge potential of virtual worlds for number of reasons. Not only does it provide a platform for our 3D models and social interaction, there are already great resources available for us to plug in to! Several other projects to mind like Sandbox, Cryptovoxels, and maybe even Decentraland! We are going to be growing our presence and are looking for community feedback on where YOU want to meetup next.

WAIFU V3 Web Portal

The team has been hard at work coming up with concepts and designing our new website. There will be some more inviting functionality, improved visual flow, and it will be a central source for a lot of project information and updates. There is no hard ETA but we are looking into the not-so-distance future and see a fantastic home page befitting of our small but very hungry. To provide a boutique experience we are developing a private web3 portal for viewing your unique artwork, in addition to other dApps, a general FAQ, our Waifpaper, and even a few hidden surprises!

Our upcoming homepage :)

This brings us to the most exciting news this week: we are making headway on the Club and can finally share a screencap from our live web3 environment! The WAIFU dev team has designed our Only Waif Club with anime fans and digital collectors in mind. This will be the central spot to show off your artwork (if you choose to rent it out and help fill our virtual gallery space), browse other official and community-made NFTs, or begin your subscription with a professional artist. This is part of our ultimate vision for deploying a private/public digital gallery and decentralized storefront.

A peek past the construction barricades.

We are working hard to onboard artists and keep the unique commissions coming in for the next NFT auctions. And by the way, the next one is going to be BIG! We think the September will be a breakout month for the WAIFU Project and we hope you aren’t stuck on the sidelines. But hey if you have to borrow Mom’s credit card to snag a little more WAIF in anticipation we won’t tell.

What’s next?

Look for the upcoming release of our Waifpaper, some new characters, a fresh community event, and a few other surprises we can’t even talk about yet! One thing we will tease is that there is a digital copyright dApp being designed by a very kind anon who loves our project and he may share some of his tech! And as always there’s another meme contest on the horizon. We are also looking for new artists to feature and we are paying top dollar to commission beautiful artwork for the coming months! Please tell your incredibly skilled friends to get in touch with us at info@waifutoken.io. We are accepting fan mail and can keep a secret if you need to share your unabashed love for all things Souryuu Asuka Langley (we get it)


The WAIFU Project


TL;DR: 3 exchanges including two different LP rewards, crazy yield farmers, new auction (ask around for lewd rumors uWu), VRchat meetup, website sneak peek.



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