Why I Don’t Write About My Medium Earnings (and Why You Shouldn’t Either)

Write what you believe in

Georgina Odafe
Wake. Write. Win.


Photo by Gabriela Testa on Unsplash

Should You Write About Medium?

Many writers, especially new ones, feel pressured to write about earnings on Medium.

Stories about Medium earnings perform better than any other kind.

If so, why are writers reluctant?

Clickbait and Discomfort

I’m not criticising those who write about their Medium earnings.

But I don’t want to join them.

For now.

The first time I tried to write about my earnings, I wasn’t comfortable.

For two reasons;

  • People I know physically can access my Medium, and I wanted to keep my earnings private.
  • I live in an environment where kidnapping is the order of the day, so I don't want to use my earnings as ransom money.

Yet I pushed myself to write that story, and not surprisingly, it didn’t do well.

I learned a valuable lesson-

Any writing that doesn’t come from your heart is a mistake.