Why is the Colorado River Disappearing?

It’s not what you think

T. J. Brearton
Wake. Write. Win.


Photo by Tom Gainor on Unsplash

Look! Another massive statistic that will be ignored: 56% of the use of the Colorado River goes to livestock feed.

That’s right, livestock feed. Not residential use, not wheat or grain, but making food for animals to eat so we can kill the animals and eat them.

Go ahead, check the link. I’ll wait.

While people fight over watering their lawns, the irrigation of alfalfa, hay, grasses, and corn silage is sucking up the majority of the water meant for California, Arizona, and Nevada.

This statistic will be ignored — or, at least, it will rehash all the pointless arguments over veganism versus meat-eating, and nothing will get done. (See also: mass shootings and gun control.)

We have many problems in the world, but chief among them is in how we communicate.

We’ve forgotten how to have meaningful conversation. Instead, we cleave to our side and consider anything else hostile enemy propaganda.

It’s not about being vegan, and never eating meat or dairy again. If you choose that, good on you. I’ve done it for a time, and it’s great, but it’s just not for everybody, no matter your moralizing. I hate the fact of suffering animals. When I do eat meat, I get it from local…