How to Save $3,000 On Your Next Event

What could you add to your next conference if you had an extra $3,000 on budget? Who could you invite as a speaker or panelist with an additional $800? Where might that money come from, you ask?

By switching to Waliko, of course.

Let’s say you’re using Evenbrite to host your conference. With ticket prices already being a bit more pricey, it makes sense to absorb the Eventbrite service fee yourself, which you’ll be paying for each ticket you sell.

For quick math, let’s say your conference ticket is $300. Now let’s run Eventbrite’s pricing rates over it.

Service fee is $7.50. Then there’s an additional $1 along with the 3% payment processing fee which is another $9! So for each ticket you sell, you’re spending a whopping $17.50.

Doesn’t sound like much? Good. But for fun, let’s run the numbers against Waliko’s pricing rates. Waliko’s service fee is 1.9% of the ticket price and 2.9% for payment processing. So for the same $300 ticket, the service fee would be $5.70 and an additional $8.70 for processing.

Final cost of the fee on Waliko: $14.40 per ticket. That’s a $3 difference!

So here’s the situation:

Your conference got a nice bit of press coverage and your promotion team was on a roll. You sold 1,000 tickets for your event. Lucky for your team, you’re a smart organizer, so you switched to Waliko before sales began, and you now have an additional $3,100 at the end of your event.

You get all the sales tracking, dashboards and email marketing power while saving thousands of dollars! Management software doesn’t have to break the bank. So host your next event with us instead.

Hosting something huge and want to leverage the full power of Waliko? Contact us directly so we can help!

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