Exploring Soho’s musical history

6 Denmark Street — where The Sex Pistols lived in 1975/6 — Photo: Jackie Hopfinger
Bateman Buildings towards Soho Square — Photo: Jackie Hopfinger

Culture, politics and community

Karl Marx former home — Dean street — Photo: Jackie Hopfinger
Site of Trident Studios — St Anne’s Court — Photo: Jackie Hopfinger


Site of Flamingo Club and WAG Club, Wardour Street — Photo: Jackie Hopfinger

How the stories work

Regent Sounds Studio — Denmark Street — Photo: Jackie Hopfinger

About us



Through photography and storytelling, Jackie Hopfinger and Mike Press aim to reveal the musical ghosts in Soho’s architecture — the objective is to encourage people to appreciate the richness of experience and culture created and enjoyed in this unique square mile of London.

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